Struggling towards enlightenment

To anyone who may end up reading this – welcome to my blog!

At the moment this blog is at a grand total of 0 views, so it feels a bit weird talking into the void like this. However I’m kind of used to the void at this point.

I guess i should introduce myself.

I call myself the struggler because I believe that is the fate of those humans who are destined to be the seekers of ultimate truth – such as I seem to be. I believe that I have found a slither of that mind blowing truth, you could call it spiritual truth, enlightenment, awakening, whatever. However my journey is far from over – thus I am the struggler.

Also I stole the name from the Berserk manga, one of my most favourite and relatable stories when it comes to awakening.

I distinguish between different kinds of enlightenment – there are at least two – one is spiritual enlightenment (which is awareness-based) and the other is human enlightenment (which is based in the mind, heart, body etc.)

Both matter.

I have climbed a great height spiritually over the course of several years, event though I’m only 24, achieving a level of existential awareness that I never dreamed possible. Sometimes it’s been a beautiful dream and sometimes it’s the true definition of nightmarish. I have seen and felt and known things that only a select few humans in the history of the world have experienced. It’s pretty cool.

Most people are disastrously asleep and barely alive.

The purpose of this blog is to document my thoughts and continuing awakening process, on both spiritual and human levels (I have very far to go in terms of growing as a human being). Feel free to comment if you have any experiences with spiritual awakening, or if you’d like to learn more about it. All I can give you here is my own experiences and awareness and truth. Nothing more than that. Although I guess I could be your friend, too.

See you later

Keep strugglingguts_by_z0h3-d6bg4bm




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