All that matters

bt-enlightenment-goalEnlightenment is the only true freedom. It’s all that matters.

To free your soul from the restrictions of your body, to cleanse your eyes of the words overlaying reality, to hear birdsong for the first time again, to have no words to describe the simple movement of the trees in the wind, to witness dust flakes glimmering in sunbeams and see the patterns and swirls of the stars and planets reflected in it, to understand everything, to see all and know all, to be separated from all of humanity yet see yourself wherever you go, to comprehend the significance of your own existence, to be aware in every moment, to feel the pain of the earth and to feel its joy, to see the intelligence of animals, to see the folly of adults and the wisdom of children – this is enlightenment, this is the only freedom.

To get there is probably the hardest thing in the world to do. I’m not sure if I’m there or not, but if all I’ve had are glimpses – I know that it’s worth it.

At one point I would have cut my own arm off if you had promised me that I could have gone back to my state of ignorance and remained there undisturbed forever. But that time seems to have passed.

Emotions don’t matter. Thoughts don’t matter. Your life doesn’t matter.

Only this matters.



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